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At Bronx Carpet Cleaner, we offer a great cleaning solution for your office and commercial spaces.

No job too big or too small, our team of trained technicians performs an industrial and commercial cleaning Bronx service that removes built-up dirt and tough stains.

Our deep cleaning process provides a great clean for the carpets, rugs and upholstery in your offices. We work to give you a deep, healthy clean for your entire office. We treat your space with the care and respect it needs and deserves.

Health Risks in your Office

Dirty carpets, rugs and upholstery make your office look unkempt, unprofessional and generally messy. They also contribute to germs and illness bouncing around your employees.

Dirt, dust and allergens not only weaken foundations, they also weaken immune systems which negatively affects the productivity in your office. Set-in stains discolor and fade carpets, rugs and upholstery, while also radiating unpleasant odors.

Expertise & Premium Equipment

During our industrial and commercial cleaning Bronx service, we use the best possible cleaning equipment and effective cleaning products. This powerful combination gives you a completely professional clean.

Our cleaning equipment deeply penetrates into the fibers and padding of you office carpeting and other furnishings. They extract all dirt, dust and allergens and help break down all tough stains, including ink, coffee, grease and gum.

Go Green Clean

To keep your office at optimal health and safety, we offer a special line of non-toxic, bio-degradable and certified green cleaning products. These gentle, yet effective, green cleaning products completely clean away all messes.

They leave you with a fresh, healthy clean free from hard chemical ingredients, residues or leftovers. Our green cleaning products don't compromise on health, safety or high quality results.

When the carpets, rugs and upholstery in your office start to collect one too many messes, call the professional industrial and commercial cleaning team for a complete cleaning service in Bronx.

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Tim Stanley, Port Morris

Very impressive work. When the carpets dried they looked like new again.