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Quality Care for Your Rugs

Area rugs aren't only fine floor coverings, they also add some much luxury and sophistication to the aesthetics of your home.

Most fine crafted area rugs serve as family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, and require the best possible care to ensure a long-lasting and strengthening clean.

At Bronx Carpet Cleaner, we offer a professional rug cleaning service. Our treatment deeply and expertly cleans all types of area rugs including Oriental, Persian, silk, wool, synthetic, machine-made, hand-made and more. Moreover, all of our cleaning products are natural and bio degradable, so you can both take care of your health and your rugs. 

Protect Your Fine Area Rugs

We start our rug cleaning Bronx service with a complete inspection of your rug by our qualified technicians. We check for any signs of discoloration, fading, wear, stains, odor or any other pre-existing damage.

After determining the best cleaning method for your area rug, we proceed using both traditional techniques and modern equipment to remove dirt, dust, stains and allergens. We clean you rug using skill, care and respect.

To finish the cleaning service, we hang your rug to dry completely in our temperature and humidity-controlled rooms.

Our rug cleaning Bronx service comes with free pick-up and delivery service for your convenience.

Quality, Guaranteed Rug Care

Natural wear and tear takes a serious toll on your area rug. But, with the help of our trained technicians and our high quality cleaning service, your rug will look, feel and smell great for years to come.

We come backed with 15 years of rug cleaning experience and deliver a deep clean every time. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to secure a clean you will love.

So, when your fine area rug starts to look dirty and worn, call us for a rug cleaning Bronx service. We deliver a lasting, quality clean for your rug every time.

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Tim Stanley, Port Morris

Very impressive work. When the carpets dried they looked like new again.