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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Gentle, Effective Clean for your Precious Rug

Bronx Carpet Cleaner offers a specialized, professional Oriental area rug cleaning service. We employ only trained experts to work with your precious piece. We take pride in our premium products and results.

We consider our Oriental rug care our true passion. We love the stories they tell with the patterns, colors and materials used by the original craftsmen.

When you choose us for a rug cleaning service, you get a traditional process and high quality clean.

Traditional Methodology for Best Results

Our rug experts take time and use close attention during our Oriental rug cleaning Bronx service. We follow a traditional cleaning method using modern technology that yields high quality results.

We start by inspecting your rug to identify all messes and important rug markers. This helps us perform the correct cleaning process.

We then dust the rug to remove all top soil and embedded dirt and dust. We proceed to the cleaning process using all-natural, non-toxic products. These products, coupled with our full water emersion methods, completely remove all dirt, dust, stains and germs.

We then leave your rug to dry in a temperature controlled room. We perform a final inspection and a professional grooming before returning your rug to you. We use only natural and bio degradable cleaning products. 

Satisfaction, Quality Guaranteed

Our Oriental rug cleaning service comes backed with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure the best results and your happiness.

So when you need a professional Oriental rug cleaning in Bronx, call us. We're here to give you the clean you need.

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Melissa Sellers, Castle Hill

I love the way my sofa looks, feels and smells. Great job, guys. I also loved the low price tag.