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Organic Cleaning

Does Organic Cleaning Actually Work?

While organic cleaning services replace the strong, harsh chemical cleaning products, it does not replace the effective results you need. At Bronx Carpet Cleaner, our organic cleaning service uses certified green cleaning products and processes to ensure the highest quality green clean. 

Organic Carpet Cleaning 

This service uses less water and non-toxic green cleaning products than a traditional treatment. This approach successfully busts through the toughest stains, dirt, allergens, germs, and other messes.

Organic Rug Cleaning

We compromise on the amount of resources used to clean your precious rug, but we do not compromise on the level of clean or quality service. We use all natural "ingredients," like fresh water and baking soda, to rid your piece of its pollutants safely and completely. 

Organic Upholstery Cleaning

This service for your furniture caters to all types and styles of upholstery. We use eco-friendly enzyme-based cleaners to give you an organic clean for your couches, sofas, and arm chairs.

Organic Water Damage Repair

We put a stop to the germs and chaos caused by a water emergency with a deep, organic cleaning service. Our process ensures a mold and bacteria free space, while our non-toxic cleaning products help to remove the stains and messes brought about by water.

Organic Commercial Cleaning 

Our unique line of eco-friendly products clears away commercial grade stains, messes, and germs completely. We leave you with a high standard of clean after our green cleaning service.

Deep, Green Clean Results that Last

Rest assured that your green cleaning choice gives you the deep and complete clean you need—a clean your family and Mother Nature will love and enjoy.

For an effective organic cleaning service in the Bronx, contact Bronx Carpet Cleaner to schedule your free home cleaning test now.  

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I really enjoyed working with you. My carpets look great and my whole house just smells so good.