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Unpleasant Bed Mates

Most home owners don't always think to have their mattress professionally cleaned. But with unpleasant bed dwellers like dust mites, bed bugs, viruses, bacteria, dust and other allergens, you may want to think twice before you pass up a professionally cleaned mattress.

Bug Outbreaks in Bed

If you think you sleep in a clean, pest-free place, think again. The dirty truth says that all mattresses, at one point in time, house dust mites. Dust mites thrive in stable areas of human habitation. They survive in our mattresses feasting on dry, dead skin cells. Also, a recent study shows an increase in bed bugs infestations found in homes, hotels and dorms throughout the US.

Eliminate the Threats

Professional mattress cleaning eliminates every unwanted bed guest and allergen from your bed. Mattress cleaning preserves the cleanliness in your home and encourages the health of your family.

Bronx Carpet Cleaner effectively kills all spores, allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs living in your mattress with an all-natural and non-toxic method. We thoroughly sanitize and remove all dirt, dust and other unwelcome guests living in your mattress.

After using our Bronx professional mattress cleaning treatment, you can enjoy a deep sleep on a fresh and completely clean mattress.

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Tim Stanley, Port Morris

Very impressive work. When the carpets dried they looked like new again.