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Answers to questions Bronx Carpet Cleaner recieves most often.

What kinds of cleaning products do you use?

We stock a line of non-toxic, bio-degradable green cleaning products as well as a line of traditional, chemical-based cleaning products. You choose which one you would like for us to use during your professional cleaning service.

Do you offer commercial cleaning services?

Yes, we professional cleaning services for commercial and industrial areas throughout Bronx. We clean office buildings, cubicles, lobbies, warehouses, and more

Do you offer green cleaning services?

We proudly offer a green cleaning method for all our professional cleaning services. During this specialized service, we use only our all-natural green cleaning products as well as our high efficiency cleaning machines.

When will my carpet be completely dry?

In general, depending on the conditions of the room and the type of cleaning service, you carpet will be dry in six to 24 hours. We recommend avoiding the freshly cleaned carpets completely for a period of two hours immediately after the cleaning service.

When can I walk on my carpets again?

Wait two hours after the cleaning service before you introduce traffic onto your newly cleaned carpet (be sure to keep traffic to a minimum). After this two hour period, we suggest walking on your carpets with white, cotton socks only. Colored socks can cause color bleeding while bare feet could leave behind oil stains.

Do you clean all furniture?

We boast an impressive furniture cleaning menu which includes professional cleaning for all types of upholstery, like leather and micro fiber, mattresses, sofas, couches, love seats, arm chairs, and dining room chairs.

How long will it take for my furniture to dry complete?

Dry time varies between six to eight hours depending on the type of cleaning method and environment of the room. We highly recommend waiting 24 hours after the cleaning service to use your piece.

Pre-vacuum, pre-treat spots & stains and heavily soiled areas, hot water extraction, a thorough rinse furniture moving.
Cleaning your carpet in accordance to these industry standards will help assure that you'll get a quality cleaning job.

Will all the stains and spots come out?

Unfortunately, due to various factors of both the fibers and original treatment of the spill, we can guarantee a complete stain removal of all stains and spots. However, we do boast a high success rate of stain removal because of our professional approach and powerful cleaning products.

Where do you clean my rug?

We clean your rug in our off-premise, state-of-the-art cleaning facility. We equip our rug cleaning workshop with the best tools, materials, and products and create a perfect environment for your rug.

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Tim Stanley, Port Morris

Very impressive work. When the carpets dried they looked like new again.