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At Bronx Carpet Cleaner, we use a wide range of cleaning techniques during our carpet cleaning service. We guarantee to remove dust, dirt, stains and germs from your home completely.

Protect Your Health, Carpet

Seemingly simple messes, like dirt, dust and stains, cause serious problems to the health of your family and carpet alike. Dirt and dust trigger allergic reactions and help create a breeding ground for illnesses and other dangerous germs.

Excess messes, for your carpets, lead to minor and severe damages and embarrassing eyesores. Dirt, dust and allergens weaken carpet fibers, resulting in easy tears, holes and buckling, while stains easily and, sometimes, permanently discolor and fade your carpets.

Clean Home, Happy Family

Our carpet cleaning Bronx service guarantees to remove all dirt, dust, allergens, stains and other germs using proven cleaning methods.

We offer a variety of cleaning services for your home, including traditional shampoo cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and deep cleaning. Each of these methods remove all types of messes from your carpet.

We clean your home using bio-degradable, certified green cleaning products. These products convert the messes in your carpets to natural free rising soaps. They quickly rinse out of your carpet and leave you with a chemical free, complete clean.

Experienced, Reliable Technicians

At Bronx Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee that our technicians will leave both you carpets and your entire home looking and smelling great. We hire only well-trained and experienced staff to work in your home.

Our technicians work diligently and precisely to deliver a high quality clean. They treat you and your home with the utmost care and respect.

So, when your carpets start to look dirty and worn, call us for a Bronx carpet cleaning estimate today.

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Greg Harrison, Fordham

When I needed a repair for my rug, I knew I could trust you guys. You have a great staff with lots of knowledge and experience. The results are incredible.