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Stain Free, Mess Free Furniture

We bring Bronx commercial upholstery cleaning that restores its professional appearance and comfort. We know that your company can be judged by the look of your furniture, so we're committed to giving it the best of care. Remember, office chairs and sofas are homes for stains, dust, dirt and allergens. Without suitable care, office furniture can lose its appearance and comfort. Even worse, tattered office furniture can start to come apart at the seams. 

Naturally clean offices

We use only all-natural cleaning products for office furniture. These products are highly effective and help keep your employees and the environment safer. 

Our trained professionals have the knowledge to safely clean upholstery fabrics, whether it's cotton, silk, leather, micro-fiber, or even suede. 

We provide first-quality commercial upholstery cleaning in Bronx. Call us today to learn more.

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Sheryl Alpert, Parkchester

Thank you so much for the excellent deep clean for my carpets. I breathe easier with a cleaner, fresher home over all.